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Crude silver into the dark before dawn

2017-07-26 00:00

The early stage of the fundamentals is not too important event this week, the fed's policy-setting meeting risk released almost has been absorbed by the market, the sharp drop in the early stage of the oil also appear in the recent stabilisation in state, and silver aspects in September the fed's policy-setting meeting minutes after also welcomed a small rise. But for now, the crude oil and silver into the tight trading range, long-short confrontation situation, will be the future big prices before periods of silence.

  The fundamentals

  In public events reported "disappear" for more than a month after north Korea's leader, XXX "appeared" again. According to north Korea's official kcna news agency reported today, XXX has done to a newly-built residential area "instructions", also visited the natural energy research institute of the national academy of sciences. XX report mentioned, kcna news agency said, XXX has worked with the scientists had a group photo taken during the visit, but north Korea did not disclose any related photos and video, also did not disclose the date of these activities.

  Reuters reported that on October 13th XX for crude oil market participants said privately, they significantly lower oil prices have not feel discomfort. This is a dramatic shift, which may be at with low oil prices forced competitors, including the shale oil production growth is slowing. In the face of the recent oil prices, includes XX, XX members called for production to push oil prices to above $100 a barrel. Members of XX different tolerance of lower oil prices. Iran and XX to ensure government balance, high oil prices and Kuwait, XX breakeven price is relatively low.However, Reuters reported, citing people familiar with the people familiar with the news that XX officials recently in a private meeting with the crude oil market investors and analysts convey different information: XX is ready to accept the prices below $90 a barrel, or even $80. How long can endure is probably a year or two.

  Last week, U.S. stocks has experienced a roller coaster, however it seems to be no end, Columbus day on Monday, the Treasury market was closed, U.S. stocks tumbled again, the s&p 500 index plunged 1.65%, panic index VIX soared 16%, and in June 2012 to new highs. Goldman sachs is expected after a year the s&p 500 index is up to 2150 points (a closed up nearly 15% on Monday), and puts forward three strategies: investment main business is domestic companies in the United States, because of the U.S. economy is stronger than overseas; Focus on industrial class and optional consumer stocks, due to its benefit from lower oil prices; Focused on large capitalization stocks.

  XX: the fed to start raising interest rates before the fed may not need in 2016.

  The current mortgage progress I'm afraid there are too many restrictions.

  XX11 on crude oil futures ended down $0.08, or 0.09%, to $85.74 a barrel.

  XXX days first appearance before the break after the "lost" the clouds from speculation, Asian stock markets at the same time, and other commodities and risk aversion. The oil exporting countries for oil prices continued to fall or have patience space, so to push up oil prices with production practice did not reach a consensus in all oil countries, short oil prices are likely to face a new power in the future.

  Sustainable focus on fed officials this week, pay attention to signs of risk.


  XX oil today opened the highest 85.15, look from morphological hammer line in 84.76 or so, because there is no hit bottom so flip momentum remains unclear, fund investors can chase after breaking the previous high of 95.80.

  Spot silver, current still-volatile bearish, when the future is gold up to drive, or there will be a flip, pay attention to whether the recent breakthrough 3502 highs, breakthrough after appropriate chase.