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Only a month land rover found a whole new generation harvest nearly thousand orders

2017-07-26 00:00

At the beginning of March 2017, land rover discovery announced officially listed in China and new generation price, this luxurious seven full-size suvs as the newest member of the family of land rover found, with find family despising the versatility and all-terrain capability at the same level, but also with innovative design language, the exquisite interiors process and innovation intelligence science and technology, Chinese consumers' attention. Today, a new generation found nearly 1000 sets of harvest is booking order, no doubt this is the best indication of market recognition.

Land rover found new generation on the eve of the Paris motor show in 2016 after the world's first show, and the design concept of bold caught the attention of the global car lovers; Then a series of innovative marketing activities in China market, from wuhan han xiu theatre listed Chinese festival, full of visual impact to the gobi desert in yinchuan all-terrain experience of nature, to the land rover is under a new generation found the city tour, land rover has always been adhering to the "Above and Beyond" brand philosophy, keep innovation and unique experience to Chinese consumers.

Nearly one thousand sets of booking orders, also inseparable from the new generation of outstanding product competitiveness, found itself full size 7 layout, extraordinary versatility, more strong ability of all-terrain accurately to cater to the needs of Chinese consumers. Found in inheriting the land rover family characteristics at the same time, a new generation found more significantly increased sense of comfort and luxury consumers, there is no doubt that much for consumers found a purchase reason. In addition, in addition to the envy of cross-country performance at the same level, a new generation found excellent road performance is also better fit the needs of Chinese consumers daily urban driving.

In Shanghai auto show up, land rover found a whole new generation will be landing platform, jaguar and land rover on May 15, and in this year's comprehensive to store sales, let more consumers open found to belong to own trip.