Zhejiang Shenbang Machinery Co., Ltd


Our innovative goal is: the same weight equivalent performance cost lower and better performance, through innovation and technical progress to support our customers to succeed.

Research system

Never stop innovation, we offer our customers of the solution of heat transfer only better, no the best research and development support of our customers at all stages of development to succeed.

Product development is a process of creation

Shenbang through to establish and perfect the technology and solutions, help and support our customers success.

Engineering capabilities

Shenbang have a bond by the industry at home and abroad well-known experts, Dr. Senior engineers and experienced r&d team of engineers, rich professional knowledge and research and development experience, to support the requirement of the customer new project development. Synchronization even advanced technology development is the goal of the state god.

Shenbang quality policy: quality first, customer first, full participation

The new product

Shenbang are actively developing the technology and products to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emissions reduction, in order to meet the requirements of European Ⅳ and over discharge standard, including the new high efficiency, intelligent heat exchanger, SCR technology, electric and hybrid electric vehicle cooling system, etc.

Oil cooler

1. Energy saving and new energy technology

- vehicle thermal management system of intelligent control technology;

- hybrid and electric vehicle thermal management technology;

- engine waste heat utilization - ORC technology;

(2) emission reduction technology

- meet the euro IV, V vehicle post-processing EGR, SCR system technology;

3. The core product technology

- vehicle/engineering machinery cooling module, car front cooling module, oil cooler and assembly technology;

4. Material and process technology

- meet the euro IV, V and lightweight requirements of heat exchange equipment materials applied research;

- to meet the requirements of energy saving for a new generation of heat exchanger aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other welding technology research;