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Oil cooler

 Mainly used for engine oil cooling or cooling of the engine fuel, according to the material divided into stainless steel aluminum oil cooler, oil cooler and copper tube type oil cooler.


Cooling module

Mainly used for vehicle cooling system, hydraulic system, transmission system and pressurized air intake system of cooling water, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, the integration of the charge air cooling. Divided into commercial vehicle cooling module, engineering machinery cooling module, passenger car front-end module and other application field cooling module, etc.



Mainly for the engine exhaust gas treatment, by reducing the exhaust temperature, increase the combustion rate to reduce NOX emissions to vehicle emission euro Ⅲ above standard.


The SCR system

Mainly by NOX with chemical reaction to reduce NOX emissions, to vehicle emission standards on European Ⅳ. EGR with SCR is the main difference is that EGR to reduce NOX emissions by recycling, is a physical effect, SCR is through the use of chemicals to reduce NOX emissions, is the use of chemical reaction. SCR route can achieve higher emissions standards.


Aluminum die casting

Is an important component of oil cooler assembly, to form oil cooler and oil cooler assembly, assembly supplier.